Exec 2020-21

On behalf of all of us, we’re so excited to serve the Queen’s Community in Red, White, and Green!

Alex Fear – Operations Manager

Email me: bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Chloe Umengan – Finance Manager

Email me: bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Harriet Wright – Drum Major

Email me: drummajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Shaundra Buelow & Chelsea Publow – Quartermasters

Email us: quartermaster.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Abby McLean & Maddie Bongard – Marching Directors

Email us: marching.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Sophie Kahn – External/Alumni Relations Manager

Email me: externalalumni.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Hannah Moran-MacDonald – Fundraising Coordinator

Email me: fundraising.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Riley McMahon & Matt Wark – Social Coordinators

Email us: social.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Max Kingsley & Rob Hughes – Brass Directors

Email us: brass.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Chloe Umengan – Head Cheerleader

Email me: cheerleading.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Connor Rae – Pipe Major

Email me: pipemajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Angus MacRae – Pipe Sergeant

Email me: pipemajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Nora MacRae & Jennie Ridell – Head Highland Dancers

Email us: highlanddancers.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Emily Adams – Drum Sergeant

Email me: drumsergeant.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Megan McMorran – Head Colourguard

Email me: colourguard.bands@clubs.queensu.ca