Exec 2022-2023

On behalf of all of us, we’re so excited to serve the Queen’s Community in Red, White, and Green!

Harry Wright and Ailene Zamora – Operations and Finance Managers

Heyo! We are Ailene (she/her) and Harry (they/them)! The incoming Operations and Finance Managers for the 2022/23 year! We are so pumped to get the band back marching and sounding fantastic again! When not sweating our butts off in the office, you can likely find Harry parenting their millions of plant children while Ailene can be found sitting curled up watching a DnD campaign in the background. It’s gonna be a wild ride so strap in! PLEASE KEEP YOUR ARMS AMD LEGS INSIDE THE BANDS AT ALL TIMES! Cheers friends!

Email us: bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Jeremy Hua – Drum Major

Hello everyone! I (Jeremy) am your new Drum Major for the year 🤓 Prep your ears cause I tell pretty loudly. I can’t wait to see everyone on parade, and bring the band to new heights. BE READY FOR AN AWESOME YEAR. P.S, enjoy the hiking pic

Email me: drummajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Amelia Luff and Courtney Bannerman- Quartermasters

Hello everyone! My name is Amelia and I am one of your quartermasters this year! I am going into my third year (holy cow) of Queens and Bands. Outside of bands I am a psychology major so I am your gal for anything from fun psych facts to emotional support 🙂. I am so excited to help the Bands look their absolute best this year so we can perform the best that we can!

Hello everyone! My name is Courtney and I am the other Quartermaster! I’m in my 5th year of my PhD in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences. In bands I’m one of the Highland Dancers! I’m super excited to get out and dance for all the Queen’s events, the more events the better!

Email us: quartermaster.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Nicole Shipton and Augustin Benoit – Marching Directors

Nicole Shipton (she/her) is super excited to be this year’s marching director! She is originally from Calgary, where as a member of the Calgary Stetson Showband, she competed in field show world championships. While not yelling at bandsies during marching practice, Nicole can be found playing bari sax in the brass band or reading fantasy books. She is in her fourth year of nursing and her second year of Bands.

Hey I’m Augustin and I’m a history major in 2nd year. I’m your guy if you wanna hear all about King Henry VIII. I am HYPE beyond measure to be one of your marching directors this upcoming year. LEFT! LEFT! LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT! And onwards we go to what will be an absolutely amazing year thanks to you bandsies as well as all the wonderful execs!

Email us: marching.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Kayla Peckham – Fundraising Coordinator

Kayla Peckham (she/her) is in her 2nd year of Mathematics and joining us as this years Fundraising Coordinator. She is super stoked to work along side her partner in crime Sophie Kahn who is this year’s external coordinator, in order to spread the Queen’s Bands spirit throughout our Queen’s and Kingston community! She hopes to help raise more than enough money for Bands back in person so we can get this show on the road to Calgary?? Boston?? The possibilities are endless with the balla cash fundraising opportunities we will have this year! As her first year on exec coming from brass band on trumpet AND colourguard where her roots are, she is very excited to be on the team. If you want to swag up, look cool, support your local and best bands hit her up she has all the right merch to get you styling this year.

Email me: fundraising.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Sophia Kahn – External and Alumni Relations Manager

Sophia is a 4th year Global Development Studies student, and this year’s External/Alumni Coordinator! In her Quad-Quad year of bands, she is enthusiastic about this being the best year ever and helping the Bands get right back into to swing of things. She is easily spotted holding her sousaphone at the back of Brass Band or cheering on Kayla Peckham (who is the Fundraising Coordinator alongside her). You can also find her at Cogro or Stauf editing The Plaid Post or crying over her mountain of schoolwork (anyone wanna write her an essay on development theory? No??).

Email me: externalalumni.bands@queensbands.ca

Louise Turner and Maya Barber – Social Coordinators

Hello! My name is Maya and I’m going into my second year at Queen’s. I am half of the social coordinator team this year, and I am super excited to be running some awesome socials alongside the wonderful Louise!

Hello! My name is Louise and I am the other half of the social coordinators! I play the tenor drum and this will be my second year in bands and at queens. I’m so excited to have another amazing year with y’all, and to organize some swaggy socials

Email us: social.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Chelsea Publow and Nathan Overgaard – Brass Directors

Hiya! I’m Chelsea and I’m half of the Brass Director team for 2022-2023! This will be my fourth year of Health Studies at Queen’s and of playing the trumpet in the Brass Band. I can’t wait to lead the largest, first, and finest section, and to build on the community and fun that I’ve loved for the past three years. So excited to work with an incredible group of Bandsies and Exec!

Hi, I’m Nathan and I’m in fourth year Biology at Queen’s. I’m very excited to be Brass Director for my final year and I can’t wait to work with everyone on exec to make the year run as smoothly as possible!

Email us: brass.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Devon Sweeney and Laura Smith – Head Cheerleaders

Hey everyone! My name is Devon and I’m in fourth year Global Development and fourth year Bands! Cheer has been a huge part of my Queen’s experience so far and I can’t wait to help lead our team on Bands for my final year. From parades to dance routines, I already know this year will be a wild one with the incredible talent and spirited people we have in this group. Woohoo!

Hi everyone! My name is Laura and I’m in my fourth year at Queen’s in Con-Ed music! I’m from a small town outside ottawa and have been dancing and playing music for as long as I can remember! I love bands with my whole heart and I cannot wait to be one of the head cheerleaders this year! The cheer team has grown so much over the past couple years and I am so excited to have the opportunity to lead this group through a full year of bands fun! Bands is such a wonderful family and I can’t wait for the amazing year this will be!

Email me: cheerleading.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Mason Wilcox – Pipe Major

Mason Wilcox. Hey everyone, for all those concerned I am currently writing this while I wait for the family of bears to walk by. If I am by a miracle still alive come September I will be the pipe major. Being a bit more serious I am super excited to see everyone on parade and to be apart of all this.

Email me: pipemajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Hayden Landolt – Pipe Sergeant

My name is Hayden Landolt and I am returning this year as Pipe Sergeant. I am in my third year of music and have been in bands my entire time at Queen’s. I am looking forward to bringing back the section strong!

Email me: pipemajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Abby Mclean and Gabby Coens – Head Highland Dancers

Hi everyone my name is Abby and I’m going to be one of the head highland dancers this year! I’m going into my fourth year at Queen’s and my fourth year in Bands! I study Global Development. Highland and bands has been one of the best things I’ve done during university and I can’t wait to work with an incredible group of dancers this year to learn and perform some super fun dances!

My name is Gabrielle (Gabby) and I am in my forth year of Con-Ed/Life Sciences and forth year of bands! Bands has been such an influential part of my university experience and I am so excited to help lead our head dancers this upcoming year and meet all of the lovely new bandies! It’s going to be a GREAT year

Email us: highlanddancers.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Alex Fear- Drum Sergeant

Hi everyone! I’m Alex and I’m going into my fifth year of English and Religious Studies, and my fourth year of Bands! I’m so excited to be leading the best section of all this year as Drum Sergeant. I can’t wait to see all the incredible things we do this year!

Email me: drumsergeant.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Sarah Unan – Head Colourguard

Hey everyone! I’m Sarah, I’m going into my 4th year of Computer Science and you can find me at the front of the parade as Head Colour Guard this year! This is my second year on exec and I’m super excited to work with my fellow bandies to create a fun, welcoming environment for the band nerd in all of us. Get pumped for another year of spinning (and very rarely dropping) flags!!

Email me: colourguard.bands@clubs.queensu.ca