Exec 2021-2022

On behalf of all of us, we’re so excited to serve the Queen’s Community in Red, White, and Green!

Rob Hughes – Operations Manager

Rob Hughes is excited to be the Operations Manager of the Queen’s Own Bands this year, in what will the Bands’ first dual-virtual-and-physical-what-the-heck-is-going-on year ever (We can play football games but cant have practices?! – CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT THE SCHOOL/CITY/PROVINCE/COUNTRY RULES ARE THIS WEEK?). Rob is going into his fourth and penultimate year of a Political Studies degree (don’t get him started), and enjoys reading, soccer, singing songs of many a tune, and chatting with people of many a stroke. In the bands, Rob plays T-bone for the Brass. Rob is already planning to spend wayy to much time in the ‘New Vault’ (and thinking about creative new names for it… the Attic? the QueBa [like cogro but for queen’s bands?]). 

Rob is also a representative for students of ArtSci on the Queen’s Senate, and likes to take part in the annual Queen’s Model Parliament. If you have literally any Bands question, hmu – I’m overly happy to help. Kay Ya!

Rob“-bed at trombone point” Hughes

Email me: bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Emily Adams – Finance Manager

Overheard on Kingston City Bus: “Hey can I sit here?”, “Sorry no, that seat is for my snare drum”. Oh, HELLO there!
My name is Emily Adams, and I am this year’s Finance Manager. I am in my final year of Engineering Physics at Queen’s and my last year in Bands. I have been a member of the Drum Corps throughout my time in Bands, and I am thrilled to once again be filling the position of Lead Tip. 
2021-2022 will be The Bands’ first full year being financially independent from the AMS. My goal this year is to work with the rest of the executive to develop a financial plan which will foster the legitimacy and transparency of Bands’ operations. The plan will serve as a guideline for yearly spending, and budgeting for future expenses like overnight trips!

Queen’s Bands has been a huge part of my undergraduate career, and it is my pleasure to be working toward upholding the Bands’ position as a national leader among Canadian university marching bands!! 

Tripping on tartan since 2017, 

Emily “purple fingers” Adams 

Email me: bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Harriet Wright – Drum Major

Hiya ‘tis Harriet Wright, your Drum Major back again to introduce myself a bit more. I’m a Con-Ed kid in my final year of undergrad (Gender Studies major, Philosophy minor). The fastest way to get to know me is asking me about my favourite movie soundtracks, discussing your most recent existential crisis, and/or bonding over tea (I’m British so orange pekoe is superior). Through this wonderful group I have met my best friends, made some unforgettable memories and truly found my place at Queen’s. I wish you all the best in your Bands frosh year, and cannot wait to get to know you!! See you soon!! 

Harriet “LOTR has the best soundtrack… prove me wrong” Wright

Email me: drummajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Kaelin Grassie and Sarah Unan- Quartermasters

Kaelin Grassie is a 3rd year Media and Performance Production student who is beyond excited to be one half of the Bands’ Quartermasters alongside stage buddy Sarah Unan. You can normally find Kaelin amongst the ball of energy that is the Highland Dancers, in the corner of photos taken at events and such (never the full body mind you) and making an extra effort to wave at dogs when carrying the banner on parade. In this position Kaelin hopes not only to keep the bands looking in tip top shape, but also to have the overall mood of bands in tip top shape. Whether it’s fixing clasps that are forever falling off vests, having a good chat about life hiccups that could worry you regarding attendance, or just bursting into song to brighten someone’s day (she’s a theatre kid it happens sometimes oops) she will be happy to lend both a hand and an ear whenever they’re needed. Kaelin is highly looking forward to seeing both fresh and familiar faces this year and she cannot wait to enhance her sewing skills (Band-Aid donations are highly appreciated).

Sarah Unan is extremely excited to be joining dancer extraordinaire Kaelin Grassie as one of two Quartermasters for the Queens Bands this year. It’s Sarah’s 3rd year in Computer Science, her 2nd year in Colour Guard with the bands, and hopefully her first getting to hold a flag. You can often find Sarah helpfully explaining Broadway musicals to her friends, rationalizing a third coffee of the day (what else am I going to spend these 2020 residence refund flex dollars on???), trying to learn new languages and watching very bad movies. As one of your Quartermasters, Sarah is looking forward to keeping the Bands looking stylish (plaid is always in) and feeling great. She’s hoping to improve her sewing, learn flag-waving, meet lots of Bandsies and march lots of marches!

Email us: quartermaster.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Stephanie Sherman and Samuel Russel – Marching Directors

From his humble beginnings, Samuel Russell has come far, and he intends to go even farther. Entering his fourth year of Queen’s Bands in the Colour Guard, Sam is super stoked to be one of the two marching directors for this year alongside Stephanie Sherman! He is also in his fourth year of his undergrad studying history and English, so if you ever catch him making a spelling or grammar mistake, please punch this man on site. Some fun facts about Sam include his love of horses (despite a terribly debilitating allergy to horsehair), his favourite colour is red, and he thinks s’mores flavour is the best type of pop-tart. Sam is always down for deep conversations about the universe or his existential dread, but he is also here to help if you ever need anything less intense – like a friend to come study at Co-Gro or some fashion advice! Overall, Sam wants to make this a memorable year for everyone in Bands, including YOU, so please don’t let his calm nature fool you, he is actually very excited to meet all the new people and have a great time! 

Email us: marching.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Kenzie Briand – Fundraising Coordinator

Kenzie Briand is in her 3rd year of Biochemical Engineering joining us on internship as this years Fundraising Coordinator. She is super stoked to work along side her partner in crime Maddie Bongard who is this year’s external coordinator, in order to spread the Queen’s Bands spirit throughout our Queen’s and Kingston community! She hopes to help raise more than enough money for Bands back in person so we can get this show on the road to Calgary?? Boston?? The possibilities are endless with the balla cash fundraising opportunities we will have this year! As her first year on exec coming from highland dance she is slowly learning how to answer the basic questions of bands like what instruments are really in each section? If you want to swag up, look cool, support your local and best bands hit her up she has all the right merch to get you styling this year.

Email me: externalalumni.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Maddie Bongard – External and Alumni Relations Manager

Maddie is a 4th year life science student, and this year’s External/Alumni Coordinator! She is also the most enthusiastic highland dancer! Her and Kenzie are incredibly passionate about GETTING PLAID POST SUBMISSIONS. So please send some in! She has an iconic smile, and loves her pink couch. You can find Maddie most days drinking apple juice straight from the bottle. When not hanging out with bandsies, or having a jolly ole time working, Maddie can be seen thrifting for ridiculous outfits, eating Starbucks beyond meat sandwiches, and talking your ear off about Ariana Grande. Maddie is currently studying for the LSAT, so she enjoys legal jargon being used on her in everyday conversations. OBJECTION! Sustained. Maddie has an excellent sense of style and a very niche sense of humour, so if you want ridiculous TikToks sent to you all day everyday, just send her a message!

Email me: fundraising.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Alex Fear and Megan Mathison – Social Coordinators

Alex Fear, bass drum extrodinair and Queen’s Bands fanatic, is 1/2 of the incredible Social Coordinator team for the 2021-2022 year! After our online year, Alex is SO SUPER EXCITED to be a part of the dynamic duo who will be organizing and running our socials this year. As a third year Bandsie, Alex is really passionate about the community and friendship that the bands provides, and they cannot wait to help facilitate us all getting back together soon! Some of Megan and Alex’s goals for this year include hosting MORE socials than ever before, and making sure that the socials are super duper fun and engaging for all Bandsies! When their not marching around or hanging with the Drum Corps, Alex can be found sleeping, at work (If you’re ever around the residence front desk or the Student Life Centre, feel free to drop by!), or causing a ruckus. Alex is in Con-Ed and is completing a medial in English and Religious Studies, as well as receiving teachables in English and Drama, so if you ever need someone to proofread an essay for ya, hit them up! Alex is really excited for the year we have ahead, and cannot wait to hang out with all of you soon!!

Email us: social.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Rayan Rahal and Stephanie Sherman – Brass Directors

Heya! My name’s Rayan and I’m your co-brass director for the coming year of bands. This will be my 5th in psychology at Queen’s and my forurth year in bands, and I’m so excited to get started on what I know will be an awesome year!! I, along with the other brass director, will be in charge of conducting the brass band, which is actually Queen’s Bands’ largest section!! If you have any questions about about bands, instruments, music, or anything else, feel free to get in touch with me!

Hi there! I am Stephanie. This year in Bands I will be taking on the roles of Brass Director in partnership with Rayan and the Marching Director with Sam. Gonna be hearing a lot of my big loud voice “shouting” this way and that. At Queen’s I am studying music for classical singing and am in the concurrent education program. Just some random quick facts: The Beatles are superior, tea is the only drink allowed, and my favourite part of Bands is Homecoming! Can’t wait to work with you perform with you all!

Email us: brass.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Megan Mathison – Head Cheerleader

Megan Mathison is a 4th-year Psychology major from Calgary, Alberta. In her spare time, she can be found cowgirling around. Megan participates in team cattle penning shows which is just about the most niche Calgary activity in the books. But wait? You thought her random activities stopped there? Oh no. She also competes in the Calgary Stampede. Now you might be asking – what does a yee hawing Calgary gal have to do with Queen Bands? So glad you asked. After being a Queens Bands Cheerleader for the past 3 years, Megan is incredibly excited to be this year’s Cheer Captain. Since her first year as a cheer frosh, Megan has seen the cheer program grow from a rag-tag team of misfits to the eighteen-member section they are today. With this in mind, Megan hopes to use the skills she has learned to lead the group through a fantastic year of pom-waving fun. In addition, to being cheer captain, Megan has also had the immense privilege to be one of the Bands Social Coordinators this year alongside the wonderful Alex Fear. It has been said that Megan and Alex are the most dynamic duo since peanut butter and jelly. Megan and Alex intend to plan the most amazing, fun, and fresh events for some wholesome bandsie fun!

Email me: cheerleading.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Connor Rae – Pipe Major

Connor Rae is in his fourth year of his Bachelor of Music / Education studies and is pumped to be leading the pipes section again this year. His piping journey began at Blackdown CTC as a general training cadet after being fascinated by the mass pipes and brass band in 2015. The following year he taught himself the instrument and joined a college pipe band and played there for a few years. Aside from playing pipes with the bands and playing saxophone with multiple Queen’s ensembles, Connor passes his time with things like cooking, photography, and not enjoying online school.

Email me: pipemajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Angus MacRae – Pipe Sergeant

My name is Angus MacRae and I am returning this year as Pipe Sergeant. I am in my third year of mining engineering and have been in bands my entire time at Queen’s. I am looking forward to bringing back the section strong!

Email me: pipemajor.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Maeve Beckett and Caitlin Young – Head Highland Dancers

Maeve Beckett is thrilled to be ½ of this year’s Head Highland Dancer team. She is a proud 4th year bandsie and a tired 4th year physics student in an astrophysics specialization. Her goals for the year are to make sure the dancers get to mingle and make friends with the rest of bands and to create instructional resources for future dancer generations. She’s most looking forward to welcoming new dancers and collaborating with other sections. When she’s not dancing or crying about physics assignments, you can find her obsessing over dogs or consuming large amounts of cheese and complaining that her stomach hurts. For all you lactose intolerant people out there; if you see her around campus feel free to ask her for a lactaid she always has some in her pocket. After the events of the last two years, she could not be more ready to pop on a kilt and start jumping around again!

Caitlin Young is super excited to be one of this year’s head highland dancers alongside the beast from the east Maeve Beckett. She is in her fourth year at Queen’s as a Life Science Major, Drama Minor, and is so so excited to be back flinging in person with bands. Caitlin has been dancing since the ripe young age of 3 and it is one of her lifelong loves and passions. This is her first year on the executive team, but she is super grateful for the opportunity to help make bands amazing! This year she is looking forward to teaching new dances, working on new steps, and basically just dancing around the place! She can’t wait to see all her old bands friends again and to welcome in the newbies. Cha Gheill and cheers to a great year of bands!

Email us: highlanddancers.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Grace Allworth – Drum Sergeant

Grace Allworth is a fourth year Con-Ed student, studying History and English. After a year of training to become a professional couch potato, she is ready to put that mantle aside, and take on the title of Drum Sergeant, bringing Drum Corps back to in-person in style. As Drum Sergeant, Grace hopes to continue on her predecessors’ legacies of passing out in bathrobes after stealing their housemate’s ice cream, purchasing every Frank & Oak sweater available, and making sure everyone knows that the year is actually 2016. Grace’s hobbies include tripping over air, having full conversations with her cat Joey, and relating to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on a concerning level. Here’s to a year of not whacking herself in the face with her tenor mallet (hopefully), and simply having the best time back in plaid!

Email me: drumsergeant.bands@clubs.queensu.ca

Julia Tropak – Head Colourguard

Julia Tropak is this year’s head Colour Guard! After three years in bands and in CG, she’s super excited to be leading those who lead the bands. Her hopes for the section this year are to create some long lasting legacy routines for parades, work together with other sections to make parades cohesive, and have an amazing non-COVID time (safely)! With any luck we’ll have a great parade season and win some more awards for our award-winning band. Some of her favourite bands memories include freezing her toes off in Bloomfield, getting strange looks on the bus for carrying a pile of flags back from a football game, and being the tiniest BooHoo there ever was (anyone want to try to be the tallest BooHoo there ever was??). Julia is in her fourth year at Queen’s in Chemistry and is super excited to start some research and TA some fun CHEM112 labs. (We need some more CG double frosh, I mean who doesn’t want to be a quad quad eventually???). Julia’s looking forward to a great fourth year in bands and hopefully some great in person events. She really misses the love and community of bands and is excited to get back into the swing of things! Let’s get back to protecting those colours!


Julia 😊

Email me: colourguard.bands@clubs.queensu.ca